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    Welcome to Copyright Mastery Self Study Course!

    • Discover The Unique You! Initial Assessment

    • Copyright Mastery Self Study Course Guide

    • Introduction to Intellectual Property Law

    • Copyright Law I

    • Group Discussion: Review of the United States Copyright Office Procedures

    • Assignment - Copyright Law I

    • Copyright Law II

    • Copyright Lesson II - Group Discussion - How to Analyze, Strategize, and Execute

    • Assignment - Copyright Law II - Multiple Choice

    • Assignment - Copyright II - Essay Questions

    • Copyright: A Live Filing

    • Demonstration of Mastery Copyright Law

    • CONGRATULATIONS: You've completed Copyright Mastery Self Study Course! Your Perspective Is What Matters Most to Us - Please respond to the following questions.


ArtWorks Legal Incubator Program Director

Nzengha Waseme

Nzengha is the principal of Waseme Associates, PLLC, and the Director of ArtWorks Legal Incubator. With undergraduate and graduate biochemical research experience, and more than 20 years serving the creative business community, Waseme has developed multiple business and intellectual property protection strategies for tech and nanotechnology companies. Her science background and passion for business law lead her to her current life's work. Her central mission is to act as a conscientious legal advisor and advocate for emerging businesses across various industries, but particularly, in the worlds of music, entertainment, visual arts, film, publishing, science, and technology. She has provided legal services across the musical spectrum from the late BB King and Dionne Warwick to Miguel and Rick Ross. She has also assisted in strategic analysis for fashion-oriented not-for-profit organizations, such as the Frank Lucas Youth Foundation and the Carol Maraj Foundation. During workshops and seminars for such creatives, she is often heard saying “Your passion is my passion. Anyway, that I can help someone reach their goals and protect their intellectual property, I’m there." It is this passion for creativity that spurred the creation of an innovative program to support new and transitioning attorneys that are equally as passionate about protecting intellectual property.

Branding Instructor

Gerry Foster

Gerry Foster is regarded as one of the top Small Business Brand Strategists in North America. He is the founder of the Big Brand Formula which shows small business owners how to create a big brand, and a strong message that sells, even if your budget is small so you can excite, ignite, and delight the market you’re selling to. Gerry started his company full-time in 1985 and since that time he has helped over 100,000 small businesses from over 600 different industries with their branding. The recipient of many awards, in 2008 Gerry was honored as the Father of Business by the City of Los Angeles for his tireless and faithful work with small businesses, particularly those that are minority-owned. Known affectionately as The Branding Evangelist, Gerry is a highly distinguished, beloved high energy speaker and trainer. He is a former adjunct professor of marketing and advertising for ten years at California State University, Pepperdine University, and the University of California. A graduate of USC, the University of Southern California, where Gerry earned both a BS and MBA degree, with honors, while majoring in marketing and a deep study in branding.